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Norton/Walorz Productions

Norton/Walorz Productions was established on April 9th 2016, founded by Charlie Norton and Adam Walorz. "Norton/Walorz" is the successor to their previous film production team, "Freak Out Inc." (2010-2014) and revived their film careers after a 2 year hiatus from 2014 to early 2016. Their new channel features all of their latest film content from their collaboration projects, to their solo projects. Some of their most famous work is their feature film "Lie Or Die" and their music videos "I'm Stepping Out and Going To Sandwich" and "Be Mine". In April 2019 their latest release is the music video short film "STARR".

Charlie Noton/Adam Walorz Interview (June 20th 2017)

An exclusive interview with Charlie Norton & Adam Walorz, the masterminds behind Norton/Walorz Productions. They talk about their past films and projects throughout the years and give their thoughts about them along with never before seen footage. From their origins in 2010 up to about Lie Or Die in 2017.


Interview Sections

Charlie & Adam's Cassette Tapes-0:19

The Comedy Collection-2:32

Gamer Nation-3:43

The Atlantis Collection-5:37

The Spellman Scrubs-7:50

I'm Stepping Out & Going To Sandwich-9:30 Escape To The Mountains-12:44

When Your Son Don't Clean The Damn Toilet-14:20

Two Trips One Vibe-15:40

Lie Or Die-19:05

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