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music videos

To The Mind

Release Date - July 24th 2020

Music Video to the single "To The Mind" by J-Trace

Picture Perfect

Release Date - May 29th 2020

Music Video to the single "Picture Perfect" by J-Trace & Silv

(Please) Come Back

Release Date - April 24th 2020

Music Video to the single "(Please) Come Back" by A-WAL

Lose You to Love Me (Cover)

Release Date - February 7th 2020

  • 2020 Boston Screaming Ostritch Film Festival - Best Music Video

  • Student Los Angeles Film Awards -Finalist for Best Music Video

  • 2020 Ithaca Student Film Festival -Finalist for Best Music Video

​Music Video to the cover single "Lose You to Love Me" by Ali O'Leary

Show You

Release Date - August 13th 2019

​Music Video to the single "Show You" by A-WAL


Release Date - April 12th 2019

  • 2020 American Youth Film Festival Award Winner

  • 2019 All American High School Film Festival Official Selection

  • 2020 Los Angeles Cine Fest Semi Finalist in Student Film Category

Music Video to the single "STARR" by JJ1K

Be Mine

Release Date - September 3rd 2018

Music Video to the single "Be Mine" by



Release Date - March 16th 2018

Give Me 5 Film Festival 2018 Best Music Video

Music Video to the single "Glorious" from Lauren Barthelmes "First Steps EP"

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