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Coming Soon - 2021

A washed up high school principal discovers several vandalizations within the stalls of the boys bathroom.


Release Date - March 20th 2020

Persona: The aspect of someone's character that is presented to or perceived by others - My Own Persona


Release Date - November 30th 2019

  • 2020 New Jersey Brightside Tavern Film Festival Official Selection

A photographer follows a girl in order to capture the perfect image


Release Date - April 12th 2019

  • 2020 American Youth Film Festival Award Winner

  • 2019 All American High School Film Festival Official Selection

  • Los Angeles Cine Fest 2020 Semi Finalist in Student Film Category

We rise and fall, we smile and cry, we thrive while in pain, we live as we die. Understanding is key, intentional or not, just remember that your always loved...

Boys and Girls

Release Date - January 25th 2019

Official Selection for the 2019 UPIKE Film & Media Arts Festival

Young love - so naive, so immature, so unsophisticated, yet ever so charming. Eleven year old's Parker Thorn and Hailey Williams find warmth and affection in each other very early in their lives. As they start to grow older, the game of love and the attention their romance receives begins to complicate their relationship.

Two Pairs Of Shoes: Understanding The Truth

Release Date - December 13th 2017

GEG ChicagoLand Student Film Festival 2017 Honorable Mention

After months of tormenting and discriminating a self-defenseless teen, the instigator steps inside his victim's home life and realizes the damage he suffered and was cost. The Instigator will soon understand the truth.....

Lie Or Die

Release Date - July 26th 2017

After a long war of fighting, the world has rebuilt itself to a healthy society once again. For those looking for destruction, the search for an important scientific document known as "The Fowler File" was created by the National Research Association. The NRA send their best undercover agent, Jay (Adam Walorz), with the victim who was tested during the experiments of the file, Scott (Charles Norton). Together they track down their old associates and connections that were involved within The Fowler File's experiments to locate the file itself, for the sake of the human race. They make sure to get it first before it lies under the wrong hands.....

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