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Hip Cat


Description TBA

Credited as a Production Assistant

Shooting Jeremy


Description TBA

Credited as 2nd Assitant Camera

In The Weeds (Pilot)

Spring 2021

After Tony loses out on an opportunity to become the manager at a five star restaurant, he instead takes his talents elsewhere rebuild a washed up pizza joint.

Credited as The Director of Photography

Speak No Evil - by Brendan Egan

Complete October 2020

An old patient seeks for revenge against the surgeon that changed his life forever.

Credited as The Director of Photography

The Little Star - By Haley Pine

Complete December 2020

A family to a rising child star concerns over their son's manager and her influence to his fame while on set shooting a movie.

Credited as The Director of Photography

The Polchinski Paradox - By Saurav Mohapatra


A time traveler holds a woman hostage in her car and tells her his life story to pass the time.

Credited as a Grip in the Grip and Electric Department

Zoom Dating - Collaboration with Brendan Egan and Haley Pine

Release Date - November 23rd 2020

  • 2020 All American High School Film Festival Audience Choice Winner

  • 2020 STUFFit Student Film Festival Official Selection


"When a teenage girl gets broken up with by her boyfriend online, she desperately seeks out for her next soulmate on a Christian youth dating service."

Credited as the Executive Producer and Editor

Out - By Seth Chitwood

TBA 2021

​A young man who has been struggling to find the courage to come out gay to his family, attends his high school reunion and reunites with an old flame who has caused his cowardice.

Credited as Boom Operator in the Sound Department

Moenigma - My Name Is A-Rab - Music Video Directed by Evan Schneider

Official Music Video to "My Name Is A-Rab" by Moenigma

Credited as a Production Assistant and Casted as an Extra - Angry Protester

Harper's First Kiss - By Haley Pine

Completed November 24th 2018

Harper (Chloe Lang) is nervous about having her first kiss while filming a high school project. But, nothing is exactly what it seems.

Credited as a Key Production Assistant

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