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Two Trips, One Vibe

Release Date - May 3rd 2017

Charlie and Adam take off for Spring Break, but arriving at two different destinations. Despite that they are miles apart the two of them manage to make their vacations like it was one trip.


"No matter where we are, we will always have that one vibe" - Adam Walorz

I'm Stepping Out and Going To Sandwich

Release Date - July 9th 2016

After school is out and summer is in, three friends decide to step out of their normal everyday lives and to escape and vacation to East Sandwich Beach in Cape Cod Massachusetts.

The Spellman Scrubs

Release Date - June 9th 2016


5 Students with nothing in common are faced with spending a Saturday detention together in their High School Library Learning Commons. At 8 AM they had nothing to say, but at 3 PM they had bared their souls to each other to bond as friends.

Atlantis Unofficial Advertisement

Release Date - April 24th 2016


Charlie Norton and Adam Walorz return to the cameras for the first time in two years with their new promotion video of Atlantis Bahamas in Nassau! Explore the resort with the two as they go down fun rides, explore the resort and maybe meet up with a couple of hot chicks! 

The NKHL 36th Stanley Cup Playoffs

Release Date - October 17th 2014

The NKHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, who will come out on top and capture the Stanley Cup?

Lock Down

Release Date - July 21st 2011

Whitey Bulger has escaped prison! A group of 4th graders try to survive locked in school from the dangers from the outside

The Super Franco Bros

Release Date - July 20th 2011

A group of video game characters try to escape the clutches of an evil villain trying to enslave them

Pokemon: Bridgewater

Release Date - July 15th 2011

A Pokemon Tournament comes to the town of Bridgewater, who will be the best of them all?

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